Lewin Lab Projects


Earth Biogenome project

A Grand Challenge: Sequence the DNA of all known eukaryotic life on Earth in 10 years.

A Grand Vision: Create a new foundation for biology to drive solutions for preserving biodiversity and sustaining human societies.

The Earth BioGenome Project is a consortium of independent partner institutions and large-scale genome projects that have the common goal of sequencing and annotating the genomes of 1.5 million known eukaryotes, and sharing results freely for the benefit of humankind and planet Earth.

Please visit earthbiogenome.org for more information.


Genome evolution project

We are interested in the study of genome and chromosome evolution to reconstruct the evolutionary relationship between species, understand the evolutionary forces that shape genomes and shed light into the link between chromosome rearrangements and the emergence of novel phenotypes during evolution. To do that, we use state-of-the-art comparative and functional genomics’ tools, paired with high-performance computing, to process and analyze whole-genome sequences of living species. 

Main research projects:

1.    Reconstruction of ancestral genomes across the vertebrates’ phylogeny. Identification and dating of chromosomal rearrangements and their role on species divergence and phenotype evolution.

2.    Identification of mammalian chromosome territories and chromatin structural changes along the mammalian phylogenetic tree. Unraveling of their association with chromosome rearrangements and the evolution of mammals.

3.    Study of yeasts’ chromosome evolution. Unraveling of the role of chromosome rearrangements in the lipid synthesis and accumulation mechanisms.

4.    Evaluation of genome sequences in the context the international consortia DNA Zoo (https://www.dnazoo.org/), Vertebrates Genomes Project (https://vertebrategenomesproject.org/), and Earth Biogenome Project(https://www.earthbiogenome.org/).